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SEO Myths

If you browse a number of SEO agencies' websites you will notice some common sales pitches based on their expertise in the SEO field.
We have decided to debunk some of the myths perpetuated by SEO companies.
Why do they do this? It means more business for them, they can take advantage of their client's ignorance about SEO and the internet, and since Google doesn't reveal exactly what they're doing, it is difficult to prove otherwise.

Myth no.1 - We are the best (#1) SEO company

This is absurd, and simply not possible. There are thousands upon thousands of people and companies doing SEO all over the world. How can one agency claim to be the best? There is no Olympic games for SEO.
Let's put it another way: who is the best programmer in the world; the best scientist; the best doctor; the best athlete; the best singer?
The absurdity is evident.
Using this line of argument actually says more about the people who use it, than speaking to their abilities. The USA even had a president who claimed to be the best - and turned out to be the worst.
It requires a certain degree of arrogance and dishonesty to publish online that you're the best at something, when you're manifestly not. Especially when the very notion is absurd.
SEO and Digital Marketing agencies who use this sales tactic should probably be avoided.

Myth no.2 - We are a Google accredited Partner
This is very popular, it pops up on SEO agency websites everywhere. We even found a SEO agency website where they use a number of icons relating to Digital Marketing services, claiming they had accreditation for all these facets of Digital Marketing, but following a link to their so-called accreditation revealed a Google partner accreditation.

So what is a Google Partner - it basically means you have an adwords account, your are paying Google to advertise on their platform. Along with millions of other people all over the world. Not much of an achievement. SEO agencies use this to impress their potential clients by implying they have some status within Google, that they may be privy to information not known by others. Not so
. Paying Google for adwords doesn't mean you know anything about SEO, millions of people do this.

Myth no.3 - We Guarantee you #1 Ranking on Google

This is another favourite sales pitch. We found an advert on adwords that read - "We guarantee you no.1 ranking on Google" etc etc. When we visited their website the Guarantee changed to - "We Guarantee you no.1 ranking for 10% of your keywords!".
Suddenly, 90% of the guarantee has disappeared, and which keywords specifically, are being referred to? This is unethical advertising.

There are no guarantees when it comes to Google - the algorithm is changing on a daily basis, apparently there are more than 2000 minor changes made to the Google algorithms every year. Yes, there are actually a number of algorithms working together to deliver search results - not just one. In addition, every few years a major change is implemented - which usually targets unethical (black hat) SEO practices.

So, it is possible to rank no.1 on Google for specific keywords - we have done it often, but that can change overnight. The object is to keep high rankings with the changing algorithm - using white hat SEO practices.
If your ranking comes by black hat SEO, then Google will penalise your website at some point.
SEO companies who make guarantees should be avoided, the only guarantee they are making is that they will charge you - probably more than their services are worth.

Myth no.4 - Voted the #1 SEO Agency in South Africa

This is often employed in Google adwords copy, or in the title of webpages for SEO agencies. Perhaps the thinking is that people are easily misled.

When clicking through to the website in question, one finds that there is no reference to who actually voted them the best SEO agency - surely that should appear quite prominently - if it is a real claim.

Furthermore, to be voted the best would require an independent organisation that has a panel of experts, who are SEO specialists, and have conducted extensive research into the sector of business they are voting on. Let us know if there is such an organisation operating in South Africa.
There actually is one website we found where the SEO agency was voted as one of the best (not the best, and it was limited to the USA), and they provided a reference of the organisation that gave them the award as well as the year in which it was awarded (and it was actually legitimate), but they are based in the USA.

We will continue adding to this list and debunking SEO myths, return for more...

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