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Best SEO ServicesSEO Services

We offer a range of services to maximise your website's search engine optimisation, in order to deliver high ranking search results on Google.
We specifically target the Google algorithm since it is the most widely used search engine the world over, and it delivers the most accurate and consistent search results. However, your website will also be indexed by Yahoo, Bing and other search engines crawling the web.

Website SEO analysis

The first step in in improving your SEO ranking is analysing your website, identifying coding problems and possible errors. This may require making some changes to your existing code or even restructuring your website, in order to make it more google friendly.

Once we have established what your website requires, we can begin implementing changes, adding code, and registering with various Google services. At this point the google algorithm will begin indexing your updated website, and put it into the process of updating your rankings.

Google Certified

We are a Google certified SEO business - the certification is available on request.

The Google Algorithm

SEO Development & CopywritingThe Google algorithm is actually composed of a number of algorithms - which work together to produce search results and rankings.
Each algorithm targets different specific variables (such as page loading speed, content copywriting; number of backlinks) to determine a website's ranking. So while a website may rank high in certain areas, it may also rank low in other areas. A website's ranking is an aggregation of factors - and some are more important than others.

SEO strategy for the Google Algorithm

Your SEO strategy should take into account that there many ranking factors - over 200 and counting. However they are not all given equal weight. Content and copywriting is probably the single most important factor.
While analysing a website, we can determine which factors can be optimised quickly, and which factors can be improved over the long term. Many websites in the early days were made by advertising agencies, who had a rudimentary understanding of the internet, and they produced online adverts with oversized graphics, and then came the scourge of Flash websites - incredibly slow loading online movies. With time, many have learnt that this approach is counter-productive, users will simply go elsewhere, rather than wait ages for your website to load. A website should serve your business needs, but also add value for the user.
How do you add value?
Give people something for free - educational information is free, advice is free, social media is free, Youtube is for free.
Consider how you can add value for users which will give them a reason to visit your website. Not every user has to be converted into a sale. SEO strategy should take this into account, and provide methods to add value to the user experience.
It's not only about directly improving SEO and search rankings, but taking a more wholistic approach.

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Contact us for wholistic SEO services, obligation free quotations, SEO consulting & strategy - and website analysis.
Algorhythm SEO Services is based in Johannesburg, South Africa (SA). We offer SEO services throughout South Africa - Gauteng, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and elsewhere. We also offer international SEO - we can offer search engine optimisation to businesses in any country that uses Google.

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